Welcome to “The Working Assistant Editor”

Robert J. Williams “The Working Assistant Editor”

Hello, and welcome to my Blog Spot, “The Working Assistant Editor”. Not too long ago I was cutting wedding videos and cable television commercials to pay for food, gas and water (well, actually Belgian Wheat Beer) and that was okay, but got a little boring after awhile. Now, being a working assistant editor. I get paid better. I get to work on Feature Films, Trailers and the occasional sitcom. I get asked if I can turn a file into another format. I get asked to fix or find the right codecs. I get asked if the fat guy smiles in scene 81 take 5. I get asked to put 14 TB’s of data into an order in which the Senior Editor can search for a particular take by date, time, time code, or color. I get asked if it is possible to take a whole tree out of the foreground of a shot. I get asked…Well, you get the point. Being a working assistant editor is hard, challenging and somewhat like being a super hero. Studios, Post Houses, and Production Companies expect the Assistant Editor to have twelve arms and fly. So, because of this and past experiences I have decided to create this Blog Spot, “The Working Assistant Editor”. This is a place where I can create links to Avid, Final Cut Pro, and General Editor Materials for the Assistant Editor. This is because half of the Assistant Editor’s job is to troubleshoot. So, I hope in the coming month I can transform this site into The Ultimate Assistant Editor’s Cheat Sheet, which will have links to troubleshooting articles, Job Search Sites, and other helpful Blog Sites.

Robert J. Williams
Assistant Editor


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  1. Rob G Wilson, working assistant editor

    nice to meet you. nice site.

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