Quickeys and KB Covers (one’s water proof, the other just useful)

Well, when it comes to assistant editing or editing at all in most cases every second counts. One way an editor speeds up his work is by using “Hot Keys”. There are billions of these key combinations and they change for every program you use in the process of cutting a project. I have recently came across two other very great ways to cut time on your projects. These two products will definitely help an assistant editor on a rough work day.

1. First, we have the KB Covers. The KB Covers are very thin silicone covers that cover your keyboard with the key layouts for your favorite and most used programs. This includes everything from Photoshop to Avid Media Composer to Final Cut Pro. They are extremely durable, long-lasting and KB Covers guarantees the paint will not chip after a hard day of work.

KB Covers Website

Editors Guild KB Covers Article

2. Second is a wonderful and time cutting program called QuicKeys. This is a great program for assistant editors who have to do a lot of repeated tasks. This is a favorite of mine and I am definitely not alone. Both Robert Bramwell, A.C.E and Harry Miller A.C.E like this program as well. With QuicKeys you can create your own hot keys for any program. You can even set it to monitor your key strokes while you are editing. Then you can just go back and see what pattens you are using the most frequently and program it into one hot key.

America Cinema Editors QuicKeys Tutorial

QuicKeys Website


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