Odd Audio Rendering Problem in FCP


Have you ever had a section of audio that would not render for some odd reason? This happened to me recently on my last edit. I figured I should post the solution.

So, I had this section of media with audio that would not render, I kept rendering it over and over. Nothing happened, it just stayed red and made the really annoying “beep” sound that FCP loves to make.

So, here’s what I did to solve the problem:

1. Highlight the Section of Audio that’s not Rendering

2. Go up to “Sequence”

3. Go down to “Render Only”

4. Then follow that all the way to “Mix Down” or just simply hit: Option-Command-R

Boom! Rendered Audio!!!!!!


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One response to “Odd Audio Rendering Problem in FCP

  1. Flo

    Thank you – that has been bugging me forever!

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