Don’t Cry, it’s just COLOR

It’s not until recently, while tutoring people at a local college how to use Apple’s Compressor and Color programs that I realized some people are actually afraid to step inside the still “newish” Color app.

This makes me cringe a little bit. You have purchased Final Cut Studio 2 or 3, but afraid to use the tools you purchased? I promise Color will not hurt your mother’s back anymore than stepping on a crack will.

I learned Color a little differently than most though, so I can’t judge too harshly I guess. I had the pleasure of sitting behind the famous Chicago Colorist Bob Sliga and watch his magic in Color first hand. This is just one of the many benefits of Assistant Editing. As he colored the documentary I was right there watching, taking it all in. He was extremely nice and explained every step in the process.

Bob Sliga was a colorist on Apple’s “Color Development” team and created all the FX Presets found within Color. If your in the Chicago area, he’ll be doing a demonstration of Color at the next Chicago FCP Users Group Meeting too. If not, you can purchase his new custom Color presets library for the Color app, which also comes with a series of podcasts on professional color grading. The “Scone Looks” collection can be found here. ($110, it’s a steal.)

Because most of you probably didn’t get the same introduction to Color that I did. I have compiled a quick list of links that may help you in the process of learning Color and proper color grading techniques.

1. Apple Color Vimeo Page

2. Walter Biscardi’s Intro to Apple Tutorial

3. Peter Salvia’s Color Blog

4. Using Geometry Room to analyze colors

5. How to use Secondary Color Correction in Apple’s Color

6. Using color contrast to improve an image

7. Fix it in Color Finesse  or adapt it to Color

8. Intro to Apple Color’s Color FX Room

9. A guided tour of Apple Color’s Primary In Room

10. Balancing color casts using the color wheels in Apple Color

11. Balance color using Advanced Tab of Apple Color

12. Setting up a JLCooper Eclipse

13. Creating Custom-shaped Vignettes in Apple Color

14. Sampling colors in Apple’s Color

I hope these links help.

EDIT: I would like to add that numbers 4 to 14 on this list of links are video tutorials created by Steve Hullfish. He has a great blog called “CUT.N.COLOR” at Pro Video Coalition. He also has written several books on color correction.



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3 responses to “Don’t Cry, it’s just COLOR

  1. psalvia

    Thanks for the link Robert. You’ve got a cool blog here, glad I’ve found it.

    proactively • peter

  2. As i almost always expected to write on my web site something similar yours in some way you’ve had a handful of very good details right here. I did searches towards in the subject but also seen almost all guys might agree for your current web site.Fantastic job!The following source site while most people could very well order videocamera from them online

  3. Thanks Robert, I stumbled onto your post here and feel a renewed motivation to finally dig in a learn Color once and for all.

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