instant “telecined” dailies for RED

This is a great tip from Michael Kammes that I found posted on his post production blog site:

I may be editing a feature shot on RED later this summer and found the “quick tip” enlightening.

“RED: Make Bleeding Edge Cutting Edge

The RED camera system has revolutionized the industry, however, with every revolution there are speed bumps. Decoding the REDCODE file (natively, or utilizing the camera generated wavelet proxy files) can be a lengthy process. A solution is to bring the bleeding edge down to cutting edge. Merge old with the new.

Let the cinematographer use the RED camera, but instead of relying on the RED digital files, run a HD-SDI line out from the RED camera to an HDCAM deck. Then, run a line from the production mixers recorder to the HDCam deck. Viola! You now have your “telecined” dailies – utilizing RED glass – with audio. HDCAM is obviously HD, and is no slouch in the quality department. The metadata embedded in the digital files, coupled with a well marked slate can be used to matchback from the HDCAM footage later if it’s determined that you need the 4K image. Most RED shot projects rarely are projected above HD, and thus will not benefit from a larger frame size which the RED file gives you. The only exception would be an effects heavy project, which always benefits from more pixels.”

– If you happen to see Mr. Kammes while your out n’ about in LA congratulate him on becoming a blogger for Post Magazine.


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  1. Thanks for the link.

    There are some other solutions now, which you may want to look into.

    The AJA KiPro takes the HD-SDI out of the camera and in RT encodes into ProRes (all but the 4:4:4:4). This may serve you extremely well.

    The trick here is to pick a solution that can retain all of the inherent RED metadata thru the post process for matchback. While the tape based solution isn’t as robust as the KiPro or some other intermediate, it does conform to a workflow that’s been around for over 20 years.

    RedRocket (and subsequently RocketFuel) or Scratch (Assimilate) is yet another new(er) solution to look into.

    It;s still in version 1, but check out Cinedeck. I saw it at NAB, and was geek stoked – I think if this device does what it appears it can…WOW.

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